Guadan is exceptional, bringing a much-needed violent vivacity (and a pierce-perfect singing voice) to Fagin and a sense of macabre comedy to early Oliver owner, Mr. Sowerberry. -Matthew Murray, talkinbroadway

     As Fagin, the cross-dressing, drug-dealing, brothel owner, Garrit Guadan performs admirably, bringing a touch of humanity to what could have been a mere grotesquerie. -Byrne Harrison, oobr 

     The star is arguably Garrit Guadan's Fagin...He is in-your-face fabulous. -Kat Chamberlain, nytheatre

     Garrit Guadan's Fagin is a transvestite of exceptional allure. -Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide

Les Miserables

          Garrit Guadan has a skin-shivering voice that conveys youthful idealism as the admirable and
foolish rebel Enjolras. -Dan Hagen, Odin’s Raven

Sweeney Todd

         Tiffany Stoker and Garrit Guadan were so fantastic as the Beggar Woman and Sr. Pirelli,
  that I wished they were on stage more… -Kathleen Mosel, OnStage Reviews

          Garrit Guadan gives a highly energetic performance as Adolfo Pirelli and other roles and is
especially well sung and acted with a myriad of accents. -Kathryn Kitt, BroadwayWorld

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