Rehearsal Pianist

Whether yours is a new work, a work in progress, or a classic show, Garrit can fulfill all your rehearsal needs. Having acted as a rehearsal pianist for countless productions, Garrit knows what it takes to meet the demands and necessities of any production. Garrit believes in a professional, collaborative, and fun atmosphere and strives to bring these values to every aspect of the production. Click here to view Garrit’s resumé, click here to download Garrit’s resumé. To contact Garrit, click here.

Audition Accompanist

With 20+ years of piano playing experience, and 10+ years experience as an accompanist in NYC, Garrit has the skills required to act as an audition accompanist for any genre. Garrit is comfortable playing any genre and style, and is a skilled sight reader (including Sondheim, JRB, and Adam Guettel). Garrit also strives to create a friendly, collaborative atmosphere in the room, allowing actors to have the trust and freedom necessary to give a strong audition, and allowing casting directors and creative teams a worry free setting. 

Click here to contact Garrit for audition accompaniment.

Rehearsal Tracks

In today’s busy world, it can be tough to find time to get together with an accompanist to work through a piece or record accompaniment and melody. Thank goodness for this digital age!

Working out of his home studio, Garrit is able to create mp3 tracks for your rehearsal purposes, with same day turnaround available. Tracks are sent as accompaniment only and both accompaniment and melody lines for ease of learning and ease of practice. Simply send Garrit a PDF of your cut, and he will create a quality track for your use. You don’t pay for the track until you are satisfied! For a quote, please click here to contact Garrit with the length of your cut. 

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